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About me


Hi there, my name is Charlie, I am a full-time professional photographer based in Surrey. I’m a family man, married to my best friend Debbie and father to my gorgeous son Henry & not to forget our cat, Doodle.

I grew up on the outskirts of London but by the age of 18 I moved to the French Alps, following my sense of wanderlust. I lived in the Alps for 20 years and was lucky enough to start my photography career in this inspiring landscape. It was here that I started photographing local weddings which would sometimes even involve <skiing with couples> on their <wedding day>.

If you asked me truthfully what inspired me to photograph weddings it would have to be the experience of my own wedding day to Debbie 10 years ago. I would say my passion for photography comes from my love of life, people, family and memories.

My aim on your <wedding day> is simple; to tell your story in the most natural and relaxed way possible by bringing my 10 years of experience, photographing weddings around the world, to your day.

I pride myself in carrying out all editing of your images myself & producing your albums and videos personally. If you want to talk through any ideas for your big day just <give me a shout> anytime