Common frequently asked questions


I am a full time photographer who likes to be creative where possible, I use a documentary style mixed with a a people friendly focus on capturing images that are in the moment & candid. I feel very proud to have photographed so many beautiful days & moments in peoples lives. During the day you will see me capture stunning portraits to please your parents & i will also be discreet & professional during the preparation & ceremony. Throughout the whole day I will capture the tears the laughter and the real emotion Oh and the dad dancing & craziness of the party :-)


What is your style?

Check out my pictures, they should do the talking.


Do you provide us with a contract?

I sure do :-) This will be signed by me & confirm that I am photographing your wedding. It will be a honest transparent document with no hidden agendas or information, please (do refer to my testimonials) to see what other couples have said but the contract will confirm what you are paying, the venue the date & also the timings of the day & what products you are paying for out of all my wedding packages.


What if you get sick & you can’t photograph our wedding?

I was once very ill the night before a destination wedding that I was photographing in France. It still did not prevent me from being there to capture the wedding & do a professional job of it. You wedding means so much to me that unless I am on deaths door then I will be there whatever it takes. Also I also have a great network of photographers who if needs be could step in & do a great job if needs be.


Are you insured?

Yes you will be happy to know I am fully insured & have public Liability & Indemnity Insurance to 2million.


When do we need to pay you for your wedding photography services.

I take a upfront deposit of £500 for me to hold the date for you & then the balance is to be paid 4 weeks before the date of the wedding.


Are you a Canon or Nikon man? what equipment do you use?

I use Professional canon bodies & Lenses. My wife uses Nikon & I am a fan but when I turned Pro I decided I wanted to stick with Canon. I also use professional lighting systems which I can use and set up if the weather turns and the wedding needs to be moved inside.


Do you photoshop images? edit? & post processing?

There are so many different ways to edit photographs these days. However I like to keep things naturel & timeless & so if you are ready for the big secret? I like to get it right in camera, sure if the exposure need a lift or a skin tone needs to be smoothed I can do this & many of my favourite pictures are converted in to Black & White images. So yes I can use photoshop if needed to clone or stamp a image but prefer to capture images the old fashion way.


What do we receive from from you after the wedding?

You will receive a memory stick with the High Resolution Jpeg files on it so that you can get all your printing done. I will also create a picture video music slideshow so you can watch your wedding video on your laptop or television. :-) Also I will set up a online wedding gallery which is password protected for you so you can share you wedding photos with all of your guests and friends from your wedding day. Also if you do live in the UK then I alway like to meet up after the wedding for a good catch up and a viewing at my studio in Farnham, Surrey.


Why do you do a Pre Wedding Shoot / photo Shoot? why would you do this?

Many people are nervous about having there photo taken, will it be cheesy? will it be painfully embarrassing? I personally love doing the Pre Shoots as it is a chance for us to get to know each other and I can’t recommended it anymore than saying it is a must do :-) Being photographed on your wedding day is made so much easier if we have met in person & I have seen how you guys are together. You really don’t want every photo in your house to be of you two both in your wedding gear. There are so many places all over Europe that are beautiful & romantic. Have a look on my website for examples of the Pre Shoots I have done.


Also in your whole life there my be a location that you think you would like to visit? locally & in Farnham, Surrey there are many beautiful areas from Alice Holt woods through to Windsor great park. Or if you want to go for something travel oriented how about Paris? or NewYork? I am always up for an adventure.


The positives of doing a photos session are meeting up, having a coffee, sharing ideas and fears and thoughts about your big day and also finally capturing images of you two together rather than it being a Iphone Selfie :-)


Do I use a 2nd Photographer?

When we meet up it is always good to find out how many guests will be attending your wedding & to also discuss logistics on the day. If for example the groom would like pictures of himself getting ready but the times clash then it is a huge advantage to use a 2nd Photographer. 2nd Shooters /Photographers are also great at helping to organise guests and can also capture the day from a slightly different perspective. I work very closely with a very talented photographer who can be added to any of my wedding packages for a additional fee.


Wedding Albums

I produce stunning wedding albums which I can show you examples of when we meet in person.


Can I have the negatives? RAW files

I am very sorry to say but this is a NO. Why you ask? Because these photos will be post processed & this is also part of my style & feel. I will give you the High Resolution JPEGS though. :-)


Do you do destination weddings?

Yes I do, in-fact destination weddings make up around 35% of my wedding photography work. I have photographed weddings in Barcelona, Hong Kong, Sweden, France, London, Italy, Greece & many weddings in the French Alps.


Do you use natural light?

As much as I possibly can!


What is the Online Gallery.

It is a personal site which I set up for you tot allow you to share all your photos of your wedding day with family and friends. It will be password protected & also be set up for you by Charlie Davies Wedding Photography. You can order prints of the site, download from the site & also download low res Images from the gallery straight on to your computer.


How long does it take to receive the Images?

In high season 4/6 weeks in low season 4 weeks. A blog of your wedding & engagement will be up between 4-6 weeks of the wedding day.


Why do so many of your photos look like they are in the mountains?

I lived in the French Alps for over 12 years, Chamonix Mont Blanc is my 2nd home & I have photographed many weddings here over the years.


Why do you like photographing weddings?

I get asked this a lot, especially when at dinner parties and even on the day at weddings. The honest answer is a BIG fat Yes :-)


Why? Think of all those happy faces, all the opportunities for capturing amazing portraits & real stories happening in real time. I am married & my photographer was a legend & will always be part of my life in a really fantastic way.


It is not just about photos, it is about being organised, weather, politeness, keeping relaxed but focus & dealing and working with life. I hope I will be capturing weddings until I am old & grey :-)

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